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If the dress fits

Huzzah! It fit.

I kept asking the (very nice) saleslady, “Are you sure it’s zipped?” It was. The corset is the perfect 4 inches wide at the bottom and 2.0 to 1.5 to the top. I guess that’s how it should look, or so they say.

Once I saw the dress with the broach and the shoes all pinned up to the right length, it was breathtaking.

There was a  bouncy little eight-year-old girl in the store with her mom who was busy having her dress fitted.  The little girl was staring at me in the mirror. She told me I looked too pretty to wear a necklace. Of course, I was instantly endeared to her.

After we finished complimenting one another on our beautiful dresses,(she was wearing a flower girl dress) she wanted to see my shoes. I asked her what color she thought they were.

She said “white.”

I pulled my hem up and showed her the bright red shoes and she exclaimed, “Oh my!”

 She told me she could live in the bridal store and that she would wear all the wedding gowns and then the kid dresses.

I said that sounded like a great idea. 

She elaborated that she could get her food at the nearby Hy-Vee. I asked what she would do at night and she told me she would have the TV people bring a TV so she could watch the Disney Channel. (Um, hi TV people? We’d like a new flat screen for our bedroom. And could you throw in HBO? Thanks!) 

Standing there looking at my dress, with my new BFF (who by this time was rolling on the floor and finding amusement that the petticoats under her dress caused it to poof out even when she was on her knees), I decided  I could live in it.  

I like the way my friend thinks.


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Actual e-mail from my mom

Upon seeing a picture of me in my dress sent via e-mail, she wrote:

very lovely…however, when I looked at the first picture and it was on sideways, I decided to rotate it. Unfortunately, I rotated it the wrong way and you ended up on your head. I do not recommend wearing your wedding dress while standing on your head!


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I own 1/3 of a wedding dress now

Hopefully I will own 100% of the dress by February, or that could make for an awkward wedding…

After work, co-workers, DD Girl and myself paraded into my new favorite bridal store to visit the dress. The consensus was it was perfect (which I knew, but you know, it’s always nice to get an outsider’s opinions or three.) The staff there is so friendly and the vibe is totally not stuffy — if you live in Kansas City and you are looking for a wedding gown, they can order you one from any of the designers they carry.  But if I were you, I’d check out their 50% off rack because it’s awesome! (I totally sung that last word.)

I made my down payment to put it on lay-away and tada, 1/3 of it is now mine. Cosmos and martinis were had by all – except DD Girl who had to run off to a concert.

 She’s like the best team captain ever for coming all the way out to see it and then helping me out of it – it’s like a freaking death trap to get out of that dress. Love me some Maggie Sottero signature lace-up back, but once it’s on, it’s on. Fiance will not be pleased…

Unfortunately for Davids Bridal, this means they do not get a chance at selling me a dress. I guess first impressions really matter. So I will be calling to cancel my appointment on Sunday.

You know, I really thought Davids Bridal would be the cheapest place to buy a dress. But I was so wrong. So the lesson learned is that you can find unexpected deals by visiting local bridal stores and checking out their clearance rack. I think my dress was designed in 2006, but do I really care? It is perfect – vintage inspired, unique (to 2010 at least) and quirky. Plus it looks great on me and I think the fiance will feel the same when he see’s it.  Which is good too, because he may never get it off of me.


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I think I found my dress at lunch – a fact that sounds even weirder when I tell you I had Taco Bell

I never eat Taco Bell. But it sounded good today. And after the success that took place during my lunch hour today, I may be back again soon.  Then again, I might not be able to fit into this dress I’m about to tell you about if I do that, so maybe not.

Here is how my morning led to the fate of finding this dress:

1. Signed into computer at work this morning and had an issue that needed an IT support. While that  activity was occupying my computer, I thumbed through my copy of the Kansas City Perfect Wedding Guide. I noticed an ad for a store right near my office. I couldn’t believe it because I had never seen this store before.

2. I asked a co-worker if she had heard of the store. She had and said the people were nice and that you don’t need an appointment. (Wow, that’s a novelty!) Later I found out, you don’t need an appointment during weekdays, but you do on Saturdays.

3. My computer was fixed, so I stopped talking about wedding dresses and got to work.

4. At lunch, I drove over to the store. I was in no real mood to try on dresses. I just thought I’d find out if they even had anything under $400.  The very nice lady showed me to a rack of half-off dresses. (I like a salesperson who listens to her customer and doesn’t try to up-sell!) She put no pressure on me, did not try to show me things I wasn’t interested in and did not push me to try on anything. Loved it!

5. Suddenly, I found myself in a dressing room with three dresses to try on. It felt odd. No friends to support me. No fanfare. Just me and the sales lady hanging out at 11:30 on a Thursday morning.

6. It was the first dress I tried on. For the record, it’s the first dress I’ve tried on since, well…let’s not talk about that. I did try on about five other dresses, but this was the one. I knew it was.

7. It is only $220. I know, right?! Crazy. I kept staring at it.  It’s everything I wanted but I didn’t know I wanted in this dress – lace bodice, satin pick up skirt, vintage feel…I didn’t want to leave it, but you know, I had work and all. So I put it on 24 hour hold (maximum hold time.) and promised the lady I’d be back after work.

8. I texted bridal team captain (DD Girl). “Requesting emergency meeting!” Even though she has a concert at 7 tonight, she’s rushing down to meet me in between work and concert along with two co-workers and possibly two team quirky members who currently live in Kansas City to go see it on me tonight.

Do you want to see it? Of course you do. Here it is!

9. Oh, and then I went through the drive thru at Taco Bell.


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Open Letter to Davids Bridal

Dear Davids Bridal,

I love your stylish wedding gowns and  relatively affordable prices.  But I’m going to be really honest, DB. I’m on the fence. You could have a customer (for the second time) here, or not. Because I’m not really sure I want to buy into the “traditional” wedding dress thing.

Part of me really wants something modern and stylish and knows that I can’t afford the boutique salons. But part of me wonders if I can find a cool retro dress on Etsy or in a local store. Maybe there is something lovely and vintage out there that I haven’t discovered yet.

Last night when I casually meandered into your North Kansas City store to possibly make an appointment, I was asked my wedding date. February 27, 2010.

“Oh my!” was the response from the nice lady at the desk. “You need a dress,” she said with urgency.

But it’s not really urgent. My wedding isn’t for another eight months. I was then told I should have a dress a year out.

 See, this is what I don’t like about the wedding industry. It’s all about these silly conventions that don’t make any sense at all.

SAYS WHO?! Is what I wanted to say. But I didn’t. Instead, I made an appointment for Sunday at 1:30.

Because I’m not going to lie. I’m kind of in love with [A- DO NOT CLICK ANY OF THESE] this , this and this . And I’m curious as to how I might look in this . But  maybe I want something, well a little more quirky?

So you have one chance to make a good impression on me. You have one shot at convincing me that these dresses costing $300-$500 are worth forking over that kind of money for one day and that I can pull off a quirky wedding wearing a dress from your store.

But I’m going to warn you. I’m going in with a skeptical eye. I see through your sales pitches, your accessories and scary undergarments that I absolutely must have to make the dress fit right.

I’m not the typical bride who has been envisioning my wedding day and my dress for the past 31 years. I saw that day and the dress.

You’re not going to get the sale by catering to me that way.

I’m the bride who wants a husband who will stick around and keep me laughing for the rest of my life, and the dress? Well, yes, that will be nice too. But it’s not the focus. Because this beautiful dress that you are going to try to sell me is going to end up in a bag in a basement or attic somewhere. But this guy? This guy who has asked me to spend my life with him – he’s what matters. I’m not sticking him in a bag in the basement. (Wow, that sounds like an episode of Dateline!)

So I want to be smoking hot for him and a classic beauty at the same time. But if I can make that happen for less money in a less traditional way, I’m open to that too.

Good luck, DB. I know you will work hard to make your sale. DD Girl and I will be at your store with bells on (and after a margarita or two from our lunch) to give you your one shot at selling me this thing.




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