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Review: Quirky Wedding Thank You Cards

Vistaprint  provided me a sample of these notecards at no charge in order to bring you this Quirky Wedding review…

Quirky: sending wedding thank you cards with a caricature of yourself and your husband.

Tacky: not sending thank you cards.

Easy AND affordable: Make them at Vistaprint.

For those of you planning a wedding, you are probably already familiar with the printing services offered over at Vistaprint.com. You can custom-print everything from invitations to banners at Vistaprint.

So when Vistaprint invited me to try their wedding offerings, I was thrilled.  However, I told them I had one rule: it had to be quirky. There are plenty of options for traditional weddings, but I was looking for that special something…

After poking around their site one day, I discovered their Caricature Product Line.  The perfect quirky detail to Thank You notes.

The cards were super easy to create and I think our guests will get a kick out of getting them in the mail.

What you do is select note cards and “get started” to create your own caricature. It takes you through a simple step-by-step process to pick hair, nose, eyes, skin color and even accessories such as glasses and hats. (If you or your fiance are into X-Box, it kind of reminded me of picking the avatar for that.)

I was really pleased with the caricature of myself.  I do think it rather favors me.  Plus I plan to wear a red flower in my hair on our wedding day. Fun, right? The fiance wasn’t quite sure about his little guy. He thinks it looks like he’s balding. (It was the only red, curly-haired option.) So for our next order, I might throw a hat on him.

And that’s just it. If you don’t like what you made, you can go back and redo it. You can also name your characters, like we did. (Just in case you can’t tell who is who. )

After you’ve settled on your little dude and dudette, you pick the pattern of notecard that suits your fancy. I liked the red polka dot theme because it matched our wedding colors.

The notecards include a cute little envelope (our address has been blurred out, but they do come standard with your address.)

You’ll be impressed with the quality of the paper and the envelope.

Your guests will appreciate a quirky touch to your expression of gratitude.

P.S. Once you’ve made your caricatures you can purchase the digital copy  or even slap yourselves on a variety of personalized items including t-shirts, key chains and more. Seriously. Now that’s really quirky.


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