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Fiance’s mom wants the “Meet the Fockers” Table

Several of you have suggested the themed movie center pieces for each table at our reception and thank you! (Erin, Katie and others….) I love your ideas and the fact that you are getting into this theme. (Validates my insanity, no?)

The movie theme tables was exactly what we had in mind for center pieces.  Last week when I took the Fiance’s mom to visit our reception venue , we started talking about how to execute said idea. I think our best bet is to buy cheap plastic frames and print off pictures from each movie to insert into the frames.

Then, we could “fancy it up” with voltive candles and some old movie reel to decorate around the items. I don’t want to spend too much money, but if you have any other DIY movie-themed center piece ideas, please share in comments.

Now for the list of movies – since we aren’t doing a formal sit-down meal, there won’t be a “seat” for every person. I want to do a mix of 10-person rounds and high boys to maximize space and keep people up and mingling (dancing!). The high boys will probably not have a movie theme, and we’re looking at 16 (ish) 10-person rounds.

Here’s where you come in – let me know which romantic movies you’d like to see at a movie theatre wedding reception.

Just so you know, Meet the Fockers is taken. The Fiance’s mom wants that table for his fam.



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Timing is everything

Ok folks. I need some major input here. Put your opinion caps on and go!

We are two steps closer to finding a caterer – (Plug: just got an amazing menu back from Blue Pot Catering. He put together a list of  really tasty sounding appetizers from which we can select three for our budget which is teeny tiny in catering speak.) But that brings up a whole slew of questions for me about timing.

What time do we have the wedding/reception start at if….

We want to take pictures after the reception (no more than 1 hour) and I do not want Mr. Quirky to see me before I walk down the aisle. And it will be winter so it will get dark early.


We do not want more than an hour between ceremony and reception because our out of town guests will be driving around confused and probably lost with nothing to do.


We are only serving light appetizers but we want people to stay the whole night and dance with us. (Also, is this ok? With our budget we are really limited to how much we can feed people, but we are greedy and want them to party on down with us. I hate for people to be hungry and I am an over-feeder at most parties I throw.)


It is not a formal wedding.


Also, am I the only one who has ever heard that there is a “formal wedding time”? Also, what time is that? Because we don’t want it. A quick survey last night of Quirky Fiance, Roomie and DD Girl suggested I may be crazy.

Well, we knew that, but…

Thanks for your input in advance.


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