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Why I am a wedding-advising hypocrite

A newly engaged co-worker asked me for some wedding planning tips (ok, he didn’t ask me for tips. He asked me how it was going), and I in turn, sent him this (in my opinion) very well-stated advice:

I’m doing pretty good – 11 days!  So as far as sanity goes, here is my #1 tip for [your fiance.] When planning your wedding, you can get lost in a myriad of details. When making decisions, ask yourself the question, “When I look back at my wedding will this ‘thing’ truly make my day better if I have it or worse if I don’t?” If the answer is no, then you can safely eliminate it/skip it. This is how I skipped church flowers, overdoing the centerpieces and a host of items that would have taken more of my time and budget.

 Tip #2 – Delegate and let others help you when they ask! If you can relinquish control of little details, you’ll save many headaches trying to do it yourself. For example, my fiance’s aunt is doing the room gifts for out-of-town guests (A detail that probably wouldn’t have made my budget, but she offered to do this.) I am letting her run with it.

 Tip #3 – Have fun making decisions together that reflect your styles and personalities. We did a movie theatre themed wedding b/c it fit our venue and our personalities. We had a blast thinking of ideas to make this come together! (But you don’t have to have a theme) It’s fun to go out for drinks or dinner and talk about your wedding together. “Wouldn’t it be fun if we did this or that.”  

 Tip #4 – www.blueruestudio.com – that’s my photographer. I heart him.

Now where’s my Martha Stewart gig, because that’s pretty stellar advice right there?

But the truth is, I’m a hypocrite because last night I almost lost my sanity.

It happened after I had gone to bed. The Fiance was in our office, poking around on the computer. I was lying there thinking about my wedding dress and all of a sudden, it hit me.

He might not like it.

I mean, I love it. Really love it. But what if that’s not what he envisioned when he pictured me that day. What if he hates the fabric, the cut, the pick-up style or the way it fits me. (What if he knew what pick-up style meant? This would be an entirely different post.)

I jumped out of bed because at that moment we needed to discuss this.

“Babe. What if you don’t like my dress?”

He looked at me dumbfounded.  “Of course I’ll like it. It will be on you, silly girl.”

Not willing to accept this sweet statement as fact, I pushed the issue.

“But no, it’s kind of different, not really traditional and what if you hate it? ”

“I won’t hate it!”

I pushed some more. Until finally he said, “As long as it doesn’t have a swan head and feathers coming off it, I think you’ll be fine.”

And then I went to bed, and may or may not have worried about a million other things left undone.




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Much ado about the shoe


Originally uploaded by SandSaref

One groom. Six groomsmen. That means I have 14 feet to cover. What shall I do?

(You thought this was going to be about the ladies’ shoes? Ha, you were so wrong!)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about groomsmen attire. Specifically OUR groomsmen. It’s quite the crew. (Said with love.) We have a huge range of personalities and styles, not to mention different income levels.

We realized a few weeks ago that tuxes will probably be out of our budget to cover. So, the fiance asked the guys if they would rather fork up the dough to rent a tux, or purchase (or use an already owned) black suit. We could provide the red ties to match the ladies.

The guys voted on the suit (And who can blame them? It might cost more up front, but why throw money down the drain on a rental when you could put it toward owning your own formal wear.)

And let’s be honest. This isn’t really going to be a “tux” kind of wedding. (Also, I secretly hate cumberbuns.)

While I love this concept, I’m a little nervous of the variety of “black” suits that could show up on February 27.

Think: George Banks in Father of the Bride – “That’s not a black suit, George. It’s blue”


I must let go of this fear though. Worst case scenario, we have seven different shades of black, all with different sheens and cuts? Oh well.

And who knows what kind of shoes they could all show up in? That’s the nice thing about tux’s – you know they’ll all wear that nice, shiny black shoe.

Then, today I was checking out the wedding porn on Offbeat Bride. And this post inspired a whole new thought – what if they all wore fun, black Converse?

I kinda love this look. It’s fun, they would match, and be very comfy throughout the day.

What do you think?


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Fiance’s mom wants the “Meet the Fockers” Table

Several of you have suggested the themed movie center pieces for each table at our reception and thank you! (Erin, Katie and others….) I love your ideas and the fact that you are getting into this theme. (Validates my insanity, no?)

The movie theme tables was exactly what we had in mind for center pieces.  Last week when I took the Fiance’s mom to visit our reception venue , we started talking about how to execute said idea. I think our best bet is to buy cheap plastic frames and print off pictures from each movie to insert into the frames.

Then, we could “fancy it up” with voltive candles and some old movie reel to decorate around the items. I don’t want to spend too much money, but if you have any other DIY movie-themed center piece ideas, please share in comments.

Now for the list of movies – since we aren’t doing a formal sit-down meal, there won’t be a “seat” for every person. I want to do a mix of 10-person rounds and high boys to maximize space and keep people up and mingling (dancing!). The high boys will probably not have a movie theme, and we’re looking at 16 (ish) 10-person rounds.

Here’s where you come in – let me know which romantic movies you’d like to see at a movie theatre wedding reception.

Just so you know, Meet the Fockers is taken. The Fiance’s mom wants that table for his fam.


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Good dog

Well, after yesterday’s hot little post about our struggles to find a church to perform our ceremony in, I thought a completely uncontroversial subject was quite in order.

[Editor’s note – I do tweet these blog posts and my tweets push directly to my Facebook account. A few long-time family friends from church came here and did not like my previous post. To them, it came off as flippant and as if the fiance and I are not taking our vows/future seriously. I responded that I approach this blog and wedding planning with a sense of humor, but my love and commitment to the fiance is certainly my first priority. I explained that my previous post was meant to drive home how ludicrous it is to spend upwards of $1400 to get married in a church. Nothing more. I do think God also has a sense of humor. (Come on he/she created me, right?!) However, my fiance and I want to make it clear that we do not think the only marriages that can succeed are those where both parties have a “deep committed relationship with Jesus Christ.” We believe people of all faiths, beliefs and sexual preferences can join their lives in committment to one another.  I know that is a huge departure from the teachings from which which I was raised, but hopefully people can still love and accept me and my faith as I do them and theirs.]

Enough about that. Time for a subject we can all get behind!


(Sorry cat people. You can’t please everyone!)

So here is an adorable and quirky wedding idea:

When the fiance and I went to sign the contract at our reception venue, it was all set up for another wedding. I love, love, love to look at people’s wedding stuff, so of course I started snooping around.

Because we were en route to the fiance’s parents’ house and we are not allowed within 1 mile of their home without Gertie, we had her with us. It was too hot to leave her in the car, so we brought her in. Well, she was just terrified, as she is in most new settings.

The fiance was trying to find a place for her to sit with her tail between her legs and stop trembling.

As he was doing that, I was doing my snoop doggy dog act. And low and behold I snooped out a cute little basket with individually wrapped doggy treats (homemade!). Next to it was a framed photo of a big dog and a little dog. I looked closer and each bag had a big treat and a little treat inside it. Tagged to each bag was a card that read “From our dogs to yours. Thanks for coming.”

Loved it!

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Road Trip!

The other night the fiance posed a quirky idea for a honeymoon. He suggested we get in the car and do a cross-country road trip and visit the people we love in different areas.

The more I think about it, the more I love with this idea because I have lived a lot of places, and we do have friends everywhere. BUT (big but) some of our friends will have just come to visit us. (some even IN the wedding.) Should we care? Is it rude?

“Thanks for coming to/being in our wedding, we’ll be at your house next Tuesday. Drinks and dinner? Oh, and Mr. Quirky is allergic to your cats.”

 On that note, however, this idea would lend itself well for a fun gift idea from friends. They could just have us over! I also love the idea because we could get some sort of “thing” and have people we meet along the way/stay with sign it. Then we could frame it/hang it in our new home.

So, there I was, thinking we were all original with our road trip honeymoon idea until I found this – a site devoted to one couple’s cross-country pre-wedding tour. Toppers. 🙂 (Love it!)


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