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Much ado about the shoe


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One groom. Six groomsmen. That means I have 14 feet to cover. What shall I do?

(You thought this was going to be about the ladies’ shoes? Ha, you were so wrong!)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about groomsmen attire. Specifically OUR groomsmen. It’s quite the crew. (Said with love.) We have a huge range of personalities and styles, not to mention different income levels.

We realized a few weeks ago that tuxes will probably be out of our budget to cover. So, the fiance asked the guys if they would rather fork up the dough to rent a tux, or purchase (or use an already owned) black suit. We could provide the red ties to match the ladies.

The guys voted on the suit (And who can blame them? It might cost more up front, but why throw money down the drain on a rental when you could put it toward owning your own formal wear.)

And let’s be honest. This isn’t really going to be a “tux” kind of wedding. (Also, I secretly hate cumberbuns.)

While I love this concept, I’m a little nervous of the variety of “black” suits that could show up on February 27.

Think: George Banks in Father of the Bride – “That’s not a black suit, George. It’s blue”


I must let go of this fear though. Worst case scenario, we have seven different shades of black, all with different sheens and cuts? Oh well.

And who knows what kind of shoes they could all show up in? That’s the nice thing about tux’s – you know they’ll all wear that nice, shiny black shoe.

Then, today I was checking out the wedding porn on Offbeat Bride. And this post inspired a whole new thought – what if they all wore fun, black Converse?

I kinda love this look. It’s fun, they would match, and be very comfy throughout the day.

What do you think?



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