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A lot of you (ok three of you) have wondered what’s been going on with my wedding blog and for that matter, my wedding plans.

Well, I’ve still been wedding blogging, just not here. See, every week I have this writing gig over at www.tweetmywedding.blogspot.com and it’s kind of all that I’ve had time to keep up with, what with the mother ship and all.  I know you might not want to go dig through a bunch of old posts over there, so I’ll make it easy for you. Here are some summaries:

September 15– I start thinking about winter weight gain as it relates to a February wedding.

September 29 – I discuss my recent trip to Blogher Food and an encounter with the author of 52 Fights: A Newlywed’s Confession. I also promise a full review of the book, which I’m actually still reading. I’m getting close to the end so hold tight.

October 6: I talk about Molly’s wedding and try to describe the centerpieces, which I later learned contained lovely green hedge apples. A unique fruit that made a dazzling presentation. Picture!

October 13: I discuss the JK Wedding March as spoofed in The Office Wedding episode. And I pose the question: Pro entrance funky dance or anti?

October 20: I admit that I’ve been somewhat lax in my wedding plans, but that we did meet with the pastor, and I made my wedding hair appointment. Honestly, it was a pretty lame post. I was in a wedding rut, what can I say?

October 27: I discuss bridal stereotypes and share how my lack of traditional brideyness was a turn-off to a Helzberg sales lady.

November 3: I recap the Perfect Wedding bridal show I attended with my amazing photographer, Aaron Newell of Blue Rue Studio and offer tips to other brides thinking of attending a large bridal show.

November 10: For brides, we sure do have committment issues. Mine involve my shoes. This post is all things shoes…including a link to the wedding shoes I hope to buy after Christmas!

 November 17:  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…. I found my something old. It’s a beautiful broach to wear on my dress. Pictures!

November 24: Bridesmaid shopping by numbers, including links to all the dresses my Team Quirky members picked.

Today: More about winter weight gain, specifically the holidays.

So there you have it. You are all caught up on my wedding plans. But don’t go anywhere!

We still have:

  • To put the final touches on the invites
  • To buy the veil (birdcage style)
  • Alterations to the dress (suck it in, baby!)
  • To purchase the beautiful red suede Gabrielle Rocha shoes
  • To meet the photographer
  • To meet the caterer
  • To meet the invite designer
  • Taste the cake with my future mother-in-law
  • A quirky bachelorette party (There has been talk of roller derby!)
  • Pre-wedding counseling with the pastor
  • Discuss music
  • Dress the groomsmen
  • And holy crap, FLOWERS. I really need to get on that.

Lots to say, lots to do. Stay tuned.


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My blog is sad

Queen of Quirky, that is. You people are insatiable when it comes to wedding stuff.  My poor blog looks at the numbers for Quirky Wedding and weeps. Why doesn’t anyone read me, she asks me.

I really don’t have an answer. I just keep writing. And you just keep gobbling up the wedding stuff.

Ok, so ready for an update?

It’s been a while, I know. So, in a comment, Amy told me that I was too creative to have “Love Story” be the headline of the ticket invite. She’s probably right, but I couldn’t get my head around another title.

I even did one of those brainstorming exercises where you write down words that come to mind and then try to piece together something from that. Nada.

FINALLY a stroke of genius accidentally whacked me on the head.

The fiance’s ring tone for me is “A Kiss to Build a Dream On.” And we had discussed the song as our first dance. I have always loved the song myself.

So the the ticket invite will now read: “A Kiss to Build a Life On.”

Love it? Hate it?* Share!

*Doesn’t matter, I’m still going with it.


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A ticket to vote

You guys want to have a little fun? It’s time to play “vote for your favorite ticket style invite.”

Thanks to my new favorite invitation Etsy creator, Cottontail Digital Press, who created these three fabulous choices for our movie-theatre themed wedding invite!

So, here’s how you play. 1. Look at the invites.  2. Tell me which one you like the best in the comments and why. 3. Tell me: do you like the concept of calling it “Love Story?” or should I be more creative? I want it to be very clear that it is a wedding invite and not some weird movie night with Adam & Stephanie….

Just a few notes – the date and church are not correct, so those of you expecting to see one of these in your hot little hands come January, don’t put this date in your Outlook calendar. For the meal response, as you loyal readers know, there won’t be an option to pick an entre, so that will not be there. Also, I have scrubbed our last names to protect the guilty innocent. So please don’t think my friend at Cottontail Press created invites with horrid white blobs after our first names.

Ready? Go!

1. Vote 1

2. vote2

3. vote3


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Ideas and updates

  • We signed the venue contract
  • Fiance’s mom is making the cake under the condition that he won’t smoosh it in my face.
  • Roomie shared with me an adorable outdoor wedding program idea – her cousin put her wedding program on wooden sticks to create fans for her guests. It was a clever homemade idea that I loved.
  • I found a designer on Etsy who is going to create ticket-style invites for us. Look for more from her in the future.
  • Today I asked my brother if he would officiate the wedding. Originally, I wanted to have my wedding here where I have occasionally attended. For me it was important to have my ceremony in a place that supports equality and same sex unions. However, while it is a beautiful church, it is really quite out of our budget. It costs $1,700 to use the church. This quirky wedding planner is now looking for alternative ceremony sites and if my brother can get licensed, then we might be able to do it that way. 

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Gah! Creativity/Awesomeness Overload!


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