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Photo Op

We met with our wedding photographer to sign our little contract and have some chit chat last night. If you are a Kansas City peep, make sure you stop by his studio in the Crossroads next time you go to First Fridays. Tell him Queen of Quirky sent you and I bet he’ll give you a high five.

He’s going to do an engagement photo session in the next few weeks  and now I’m all like, Oh hell. What do I wear? He said to wear what is natural. Well for the fiance, that’s shorts and a t-shirt – easy, right? But for me? I’m kind of a clothes-a-holic.

I love, love dresses. So for me that would be a natural fit. But I also have this cute quirky more casual outfit that I could wear.  So it’s really down to two choices – do I go more casual to match the fiance or do I dress the part and glam it up?

Outfit #1 – Casual – a blue and yellow polka-dot top with dark jean Bermuda shorts and yellow shoes. (Ladies of Blogher, I wore this outfit on Saturday.) The only picture I have of this outfit is of the top and I’m holding Gertie, so you don’t really get to see it, but I guess it gives you some what of an image…

Gertie and Mom

Outfit #2 – A vintage inspired light blue halter top dress with strawberries on it – red platform peep toe wedge sandals and a red sweater  (if it’s coldish.) I wore this on Saturday night at Blogher and I have two pictures of it . First up, the dress with my friend, Barefoot Foodie.


Second up, with Mrs. Potato Head. Yes, I know every girl has a photo of herself with the esteemed childhood icon that is Mrs. Potato Head. (Look people, I tried to tell you this here blog is quirky.)


So what do you think? There is also a picture of the dress in black & white from the MomaPop Sparklecorn at Blogher. (Make sure you check out the unicorn cake!)

I think I’m over thinking, so that’s why I’m asking you.  Also, if you are a bride with engagement photos, please show us yours in the comments!



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