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I’m off to  Chicago, but yesterday we squeezed in a wedding meeting with our awesome caterer – Blue Pot.

Mark is putting together a fantastic menu to fit our movie theater theme. The main item being hot dogs!  I love how creative he was with this:

All Beef Hot Dogs 

Sesame Buns, assorted Gourmet Toppings 

House made ketchup, grainy mustard, pickle relish, roasted red pepper pesto, banana peppers, celery salt, chopped onions and herbs

The dogs will be served in clear plastic movie-theatre style containers.

I was telling Mark about my awesome blog readers who always have great opinions. So in honor of the Windy City which, like my wedding, is also famous for hot dogs, please tell Mark what you like to put on your dog by leaving a comment here. On Sunday when I get back, I will pick one hot diggity dog reader who will get something special from Blogher!

If you are on twitter, you can get extra points by RT (@sam92077) this post  along with your favorite hot dog fixings!




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Timing is everything

Ok folks. I need some major input here. Put your opinion caps on and go!

We are two steps closer to finding a caterer – (Plug: just got an amazing menu back from Blue Pot Catering. He put together a list of  really tasty sounding appetizers from which we can select three for our budget which is teeny tiny in catering speak.) But that brings up a whole slew of questions for me about timing.

What time do we have the wedding/reception start at if….

We want to take pictures after the reception (no more than 1 hour) and I do not want Mr. Quirky to see me before I walk down the aisle. And it will be winter so it will get dark early.


We do not want more than an hour between ceremony and reception because our out of town guests will be driving around confused and probably lost with nothing to do.


We are only serving light appetizers but we want people to stay the whole night and dance with us. (Also, is this ok? With our budget we are really limited to how much we can feed people, but we are greedy and want them to party on down with us. I hate for people to be hungry and I am an over-feeder at most parties I throw.)


It is not a formal wedding.


Also, am I the only one who has ever heard that there is a “formal wedding time”? Also, what time is that? Because we don’t want it. A quick survey last night of Quirky Fiance, Roomie and DD Girl suggested I may be crazy.

Well, we knew that, but…

Thanks for your input in advance.


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Now we are cooking

The fiance and I started talking about this wedding of ours last night. Oy vey.

Here’s the goal – less thank $10K for 250 -300 people. I think it’s doable, but our first plan of action is we need a venue that will allow us to bring in our own caterer. Then we need the caterer. We are talking heavy hors d’oeuvres.

What I’d really like to find is some undeveloped loft space in KC that someone really wants to pimp out by having 250 -300 people visiting it. We are open to Friday and Sunday weddings and the winter is also a possibility.

So this week we are going to tackle the ever fun guest list to get a better idea of what our count really might be.

Our problem is we just like people so darned much. 🙂 We like to party. Yes we like to party.

Coming soon: I announce the wedding party. (But we have to tell them first. Also, there’s one member of my team who doesn’t even know I’m engaged. tee hee.)

Question of the day: for wedding hors d’oeuvres, what do you like to eat?


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