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If the dress fits

Huzzah! It fit.

I kept asking the (very nice) saleslady, “Are you sure it’s zipped?” It was. The corset is the perfect 4 inches wide at the bottom and 2.0 to 1.5 to the top. I guess that’s how it should look, or so they say.

Once I saw the dress with the broach and the shoes all pinned up to the right length, it was breathtaking.

There was a  bouncy little eight-year-old girl in the store with her mom who was busy having her dress fitted.  The little girl was staring at me in the mirror. She told me I looked too pretty to wear a necklace. Of course, I was instantly endeared to her.

After we finished complimenting one another on our beautiful dresses,(she was wearing a flower girl dress) she wanted to see my shoes. I asked her what color she thought they were.

She said “white.”

I pulled my hem up and showed her the bright red shoes and she exclaimed, “Oh my!”

 She told me she could live in the bridal store and that she would wear all the wedding gowns and then the kid dresses.

I said that sounded like a great idea. 

She elaborated that she could get her food at the nearby Hy-Vee. I asked what she would do at night and she told me she would have the TV people bring a TV so she could watch the Disney Channel. (Um, hi TV people? We’d like a new flat screen for our bedroom. And could you throw in HBO? Thanks!) 

Standing there looking at my dress, with my new BFF (who by this time was rolling on the floor and finding amusement that the petticoats under her dress caused it to poof out even when she was on her knees), I decided  I could live in it.  

I like the way my friend thinks.


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