Shake your Tail Feathers

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This week, I focused on centerpieces.

Centerpieces on a mega budget for a movie theatre themed wedding.

After much pricing, comparing, and thinking I had it down to a few concepts:

1. Old black & white photos in black frames of Hollywood starlets/romantic movie scenes.

2. Long black ostrich plumes in Eiffel Tower-style vases, illuminated by votive candles on the table- A nod to Old Hollywood glamour.

Time to deliberate:

I found a site where I could get the photos at $6.99 a pop for 8×10 prints. But then I would still have to buy frames. Things were starting to get pricey for 12 centerpieces. Plus, was a photo frame elegant enough?

After pricing plumes and vases at discount stores online and craft stores, it dawned on me that maybe my florist would have access to some super secret bargain that I didn’t. Also, renting the vases might be cheaper?

Hands down it was. $42 for 12 vases and $20 per dozen plumes. She helped me decide how many plumes would need to go in each vase. Apparently an odd number is the way to go. I didn’t like a super full look because I thought a thinner look would be more whimsical. So we went with five.

Can I add a side note that I love my florist? If you are looking for a talented, affordable florist in the Kansas City area, check out Floral Expressions By Raenelle. She is easy to work with, a lot of fun and she’s also a bit quirky. She has these adorable Corgi dogs too. Ask her about them!

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  Grand total for tall 14 inch black ostrich feather centerpieces: $142. Not bad? My venue manager said he has votives I can use too. (But I should probably confirm that again.)

I pulled the trigger.

Then, I kicked around doing both the feathers and the photos, but it was not only cost-prohibitive, it didn’t quite work for a round table. Someone was always going to have to face the back of the picture.

I asked myself: will my wedding day be less spectacular without the old photos? The answer was no. Good-bye Vivien Leigh and Audrey Hepburn.

The only problem I can forsee with these centerpieces? They are inevitably going to be used as props on the dance floor.


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Day of Reckoning

Today is the day of reckoning. Will the dress still fit?

Did Christmas do me in?

At noon. We shall see during my first fitting.

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Shoe love

These are my wedding shoes.

I lurve them.

They were a Christmas gift from the fiance’s parents.

Because the fiance did a little sneaky sneaky and found them saved in my Zappos favorites, size, color and all.

They are sitting on my ironing board and every day, I think, can I wear them yet?

Nope, not today.

But soon.


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An exceptionally cool/nerdy garter

One day a brilliant idea came to me.

That I could have someone on make me a garter, and that it could be anything I wanted.

What to want. What to want. To me, the garter is for the boys. Sure, it needs to be pretty and lacy enough for my fancy, but at the end of the day, that baby is going flying out of the fiance’s hands.

And then it dawned on me.

A nerd garter.

I’ve always wanted one.

What? Ok, maybe not.

But c’mon. 1 in 3 single guys at this wedding is going to be a tabletop gamer. So, why not play it up.

These guys play a specific game – Legends of the Five Rings. I don’t even try to understand it all at all.  Ok, I’ve tried to play once but it was just to give this kid honor points for teaching me and it went right over my head. All I really know is there are clans, and the fiance is in a clan that is called Scorpion. So I thought, I need to get a Scorpion clan garter.

I put a bid out on Etsy and this fabulously creative seller came to my rescue – and true to her name – Greta’s Pretty Things – she not only made me a scorpion garter, but she made it pretty.

The Scorpion clan is reflected in the little charm.

So it might clash with my new shoes a little. I don’t care. I think it’s very pretty and kind of fun.

I’m just afraid that when the fiance sees it, he’ll be so excited about having his clan on a garter that he won’t want to toss it.

Oh well.


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Review: Quirky Wedding Thank You Cards

Vistaprint  provided me a sample of these notecards at no charge in order to bring you this Quirky Wedding review…

Quirky: sending wedding thank you cards with a caricature of yourself and your husband.

Tacky: not sending thank you cards.

Easy AND affordable: Make them at Vistaprint.

For those of you planning a wedding, you are probably already familiar with the printing services offered over at You can custom-print everything from invitations to banners at Vistaprint.

So when Vistaprint invited me to try their wedding offerings, I was thrilled.  However, I told them I had one rule: it had to be quirky. There are plenty of options for traditional weddings, but I was looking for that special something…

After poking around their site one day, I discovered their Caricature Product Line.  The perfect quirky detail to Thank You notes.

The cards were super easy to create and I think our guests will get a kick out of getting them in the mail.

What you do is select note cards and “get started” to create your own caricature. It takes you through a simple step-by-step process to pick hair, nose, eyes, skin color and even accessories such as glasses and hats. (If you or your fiance are into X-Box, it kind of reminded me of picking the avatar for that.)

I was really pleased with the caricature of myself.  I do think it rather favors me.  Plus I plan to wear a red flower in my hair on our wedding day. Fun, right? The fiance wasn’t quite sure about his little guy. He thinks it looks like he’s balding. (It was the only red, curly-haired option.) So for our next order, I might throw a hat on him.

And that’s just it. If you don’t like what you made, you can go back and redo it. You can also name your characters, like we did. (Just in case you can’t tell who is who. )

After you’ve settled on your little dude and dudette, you pick the pattern of notecard that suits your fancy. I liked the red polka dot theme because it matched our wedding colors.

The notecards include a cute little envelope (our address has been blurred out, but they do come standard with your address.)

You’ll be impressed with the quality of the paper and the envelope.

Your guests will appreciate a quirky touch to your expression of gratitude.

P.S. Once you’ve made your caricatures you can purchase the digital copy  or even slap yourselves on a variety of personalized items including t-shirts, key chains and more. Seriously. Now that’s really quirky.

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Hotel Shmotel

I’m about up to my neck in hotel contracts for our block of rooms. But I think I’m about closer to figuring it all out. It’s Tuesday so I’m over here blogging about booking rooms.

But since I wrote this post, there was a bit of confusion on everyone’s end on the contract I signed with the Hampton Inn.  And to date, it was the most stressful wedding planning I’ve encountered.

Brides – take note. This is harder than you think it will be.

But here’s what matters to you – if you are coming to our wedding, here are your two block of room options:

1. The Hampton Inn Shawnee – 913-754-3888 Room rate: $89.  Mention the Carey/Mitchum wedding for your rate. You should stay here if you answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Would you like to return to the hotel after the wedding and NOT go out?
  • Would you like to be near John & Bev? (And the church)
  • Do you like free Continental breakfast?
  • Do you like a location that is more suburban but yet within walking distance of several restaurants and shops?
  • Do you like puppies?

2. The Q Hotel & Spa * 816.931.0001 $89 Again, the Carey/Mitchum wedding. You should stay here if you answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Do you want to go out after the Rehearsal Dinner? ( if applicable)?
  • Do you want to take a free shuttle back to the hotel after the wedding and then be within walking distance of a dozen bars?
  • Do you want to stay near our home?
  • Do you want a location that is within walking distance of many restaurants, shops and bars?
  • Do you like a free hot breakfast with omelets?
  • Do you like a complimentary drink each night you stay?
  • Do you like mayhem?
  • Do you want to stay somewhere different than another family member(s)? (I can’t help you if your other family members answer yes to this question.)
  • Do you want to help us achieve our free honeymoon suite? (We’ll need 25 total nights here.)
  • Do you like puppies? 

*Please do not make your reservation yet – I haven’t finished the contract. Give me about 48 hours to receive and review it and then you can reserve. If you want me to send you an e-mail alerting you when the rate is live, e-mail me at (or on Facebook)

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Much ado about the shoe


Originally uploaded by SandSaref

One groom. Six groomsmen. That means I have 14 feet to cover. What shall I do?

(You thought this was going to be about the ladies’ shoes? Ha, you were so wrong!)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about groomsmen attire. Specifically OUR groomsmen. It’s quite the crew. (Said with love.) We have a huge range of personalities and styles, not to mention different income levels.

We realized a few weeks ago that tuxes will probably be out of our budget to cover. So, the fiance asked the guys if they would rather fork up the dough to rent a tux, or purchase (or use an already owned) black suit. We could provide the red ties to match the ladies.

The guys voted on the suit (And who can blame them? It might cost more up front, but why throw money down the drain on a rental when you could put it toward owning your own formal wear.)

And let’s be honest. This isn’t really going to be a “tux” kind of wedding. (Also, I secretly hate cumberbuns.)

While I love this concept, I’m a little nervous of the variety of “black” suits that could show up on February 27.

Think: George Banks in Father of the Bride – “That’s not a black suit, George. It’s blue”


I must let go of this fear though. Worst case scenario, we have seven different shades of black, all with different sheens and cuts? Oh well.

And who knows what kind of shoes they could all show up in? That’s the nice thing about tux’s – you know they’ll all wear that nice, shiny black shoe.

Then, today I was checking out the wedding porn on Offbeat Bride. And this post inspired a whole new thought – what if they all wore fun, black Converse?

I kinda love this look. It’s fun, they would match, and be very comfy throughout the day.

What do you think?


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