Coming to a wedding near you: cake.

I don’t think there is much to say other than to quote the fiance’s mom who called me (actually, she called the fiance b/c she couldn’t find my number) after I left our champagne and cake tasting last night: “This is going to be my best cake ever.”

It’s true.  It is going to be fantastic. First – the flavors:

We picked four flavors. And let me just start by saying that no one will want for cake at our wedding. Bottom layer: carrot cake with cream cheese filling. Next layer: Spice cake with maple butter cream filling .  Next layer: lemon cake with lemon butter cream filling. Top layer: A repeat of the lemon which will go in our freezer.

But wait! Don’t worry chocolate lovers. There will also be an extra sheet cake of chocolate with chocolate butter cream filling. 

It is all so delicious that guests might want to go back for seconds.

But what will be really spectacular is the design of this cake. We are looking at a four-tiered square cake.

The bottom of each layer will be surrounded by this fondant film strip with pictures of the fiance and I through the years.

First layer – baby/toddler. Second layer- school/child. Third layer – teen/adult.

Instead of icing here, fondant will depict the theatre rope.

Where the corners on the mini-demo cake connecting the film reel on each side are blank, they will each be covered with a black fondant “pole” and across the entire side of the cake tier, will be a red fondant “rope.” Much like a theatre.

The magic happens on the top tier where there will be a  fondant red curtain pulled back on each of the four corners revealing a full-screen picture of the fiance and I together.

We’ll be topping the cake with the top of an old-fashioned popcorn box (with the scalloped edge top) filled with red roses.

I am absolutely in awe of the fiance’s mom. Did I mention she is making this thing? Also his dad, who is responsible for somehow printing the photo strips that get incorporated into the fondant film around the base of each layer.


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