Math was never my strong suit


Last night I was boasting to my team captain (Maid of Honor) DD Girl about my centerpieces. 

Won’t that look cool?

Isn’t that a great idea?

Isn’t $142 a great deal for 12 centerpieces?

“How many centerpieces did you order?” she asked.

12? I said. Ten for the guests and two for the head table.

“How many at each table?” she asked.


“That’s 100. Aren’t you having like 200 guests?”

Long horrific realization pause.


Math never was my strong suit.



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2 responses to “Math was never my strong suit

  1. Ok, fellow b-t-b that ran across this dilemma, and put my google skills to work. You could fill in the other tables with the photos like you had thought, and here’s how to do it for about $6/each:

    $4.99/print for vintage headshots (11×14, though, too big?)



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