Shake your Tail Feathers

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This week, I focused on centerpieces.

Centerpieces on a mega budget for a movie theatre themed wedding.

After much pricing, comparing, and thinking I had it down to a few concepts:

1. Old black & white photos in black frames of Hollywood starlets/romantic movie scenes.

2. Long black ostrich plumes in Eiffel Tower-style vases, illuminated by votive candles on the table- A nod to Old Hollywood glamour.

Time to deliberate:

I found a site where I could get the photos at $6.99 a pop for 8×10 prints. But then I would still have to buy frames. Things were starting to get pricey for 12 centerpieces. Plus, was a photo frame elegant enough?

After pricing plumes and vases at discount stores online and craft stores, it dawned on me that maybe my florist would have access to some super secret bargain that I didn’t. Also, renting the vases might be cheaper?

Hands down it was. $42 for 12 vases and $20 per dozen plumes. She helped me decide how many plumes would need to go in each vase. Apparently an odd number is the way to go. I didn’t like a super full look because I thought a thinner look would be more whimsical. So we went with five.

Can I add a side note that I love my florist? If you are looking for a talented, affordable florist in the Kansas City area, check out Floral Expressions By Raenelle. She is easy to work with, a lot of fun and she’s also a bit quirky. She has these adorable Corgi dogs too. Ask her about them!

Ok, back to the subject at hand.  Grand total for tall 14 inch black ostrich feather centerpieces: $142. Not bad? My venue manager said he has votives I can use too. (But I should probably confirm that again.)

I pulled the trigger.

Then, I kicked around doing both the feathers and the photos, but it was not only cost-prohibitive, it didn’t quite work for a round table. Someone was always going to have to face the back of the picture.

I asked myself: will my wedding day be less spectacular without the old photos? The answer was no. Good-bye Vivien Leigh and Audrey Hepburn.

The only problem I can forsee with these centerpieces? They are inevitably going to be used as props on the dance floor.


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