Do you even recognize me?

I checked off three more things off my wedding list.

I did indeedy.

Thanks to my future mother-in-law, the rehearsal dinner venue has been booked. I’m really excited because we found a place that combines all the things I was looking for: ambiance, not stuffy, good location, great food, good price, layed back, locally owned, can bring our own wine and a place where we can just have fun.

Cupini’s in Westport.

They have a new private banquet room where we can get a little rowdy.

And then the fiance can go get his drink on with his guys in Westport. (But if he has a hangover on our wedding day, I will kill him… love you, babe. 🙂 )

Also, I booked an appointment with a florist for Tuesday.

And I have NO idea what to do with flowers.

Luckily, my florist is a pro at this sort of thing and will help guide me through it.

And finally, I ordered my veil on etsy. It will be custom made by Paper & Silk. She’s going to do the bird cage similar to the veil in this project, but the ends of the veil will be finished, and the flower will be smaller and simple – just white with some pearls in the middle. If you haven’t tried the Alchemy feature on, you really should. I just put in a request for my veil with some details as to what I was looking for and set a maximum price (mine was $30.) and I had 10 crafters offer to make it.

Of course, then the hard part was picking from all those fantastic offers, but I really like the angle and style of the veil Paper & Silk showed me. I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the veil.

I was feeling so proud of myself for getting all of these things accomplished this week, that I sent out a tweet about how awesome I am at planning my wedding and when did I get so organized. My friend, @msrib reminded me that it is probably because my wedding date is melting closer and closer.

Ok, fine. She’s probably right. I’ve always been a procrastinator….why stop now?



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2 responses to “Do you even recognize me?

  1. i got a mention! hehe

    what a great idea for putting an alchemy out there. you could always learn to knit and knit your veil like i’m doing. yes, i am insane!

    as far as flowers, just start scoping out Michael’s and other craft shops and putting different flowers together. then bring them to the florist. my bouquets are almost done since I bought all the flowers from Michael’s already. we’re having orchids, mini calla lilies… other stuff. here’s a pic

  2. That’s a very cool bouquet, Becca.

    Actually, I do know how to knit. I’m especially good at starting projects and not finishing them. And that would be bad. 😉

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