Photo Op

We met with our wedding photographer to sign our little contract and have some chit chat last night. If you are a Kansas City peep, make sure you stop by his studio in the Crossroads next time you go to First Fridays. Tell him Queen of Quirky sent you and I bet he’ll give you a high five.

He’s going to do an engagement photo session in the next few weeks  and now I’m all like, Oh hell. What do I wear? He said to wear what is natural. Well for the fiance, that’s shorts and a t-shirt – easy, right? But for me? I’m kind of a clothes-a-holic.

I love, love dresses. So for me that would be a natural fit. But I also have this cute quirky more casual outfit that I could wear.  So it’s really down to two choices – do I go more casual to match the fiance or do I dress the part and glam it up?

Outfit #1 – Casual – a blue and yellow polka-dot top with dark jean Bermuda shorts and yellow shoes. (Ladies of Blogher, I wore this outfit on Saturday.) The only picture I have of this outfit is of the top and I’m holding Gertie, so you don’t really get to see it, but I guess it gives you some what of an image…

Gertie and Mom

Outfit #2 – A vintage inspired light blue halter top dress with strawberries on it – red platform peep toe wedge sandals and a red sweater  (if it’s coldish.) I wore this on Saturday night at Blogher and I have two pictures of it . First up, the dress with my friend, Barefoot Foodie.


Second up, with Mrs. Potato Head. Yes, I know every girl has a photo of herself with the esteemed childhood icon that is Mrs. Potato Head. (Look people, I tried to tell you this here blog is quirky.)


So what do you think? There is also a picture of the dress in black & white from the MomaPop Sparklecorn at Blogher. (Make sure you check out the unicorn cake!)

I think I’m over thinking, so that’s why I’m asking you.  Also, if you are a bride with engagement photos, please show us yours in the comments!



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6 responses to “Photo Op

  1. I have the same problem. Fiance is jeans and a tee guy, I love skirts and dresses. I think your strawberry dress is casual enough not to look odd with him. It’s really cute, I say go for it! My pics are being taken Aug. 13 so we’ll see what I come up with, lol.

  2. aande

    I vote for the strawberry dress. Adorable!

  3. Even as a guy, I’d suggest you get to choose your outfit first, then he chooses something to match. It’s easy for us guys, heck people don’t look at us when looking at photos anyway. 🙂

    If he does go for a T-shirt, make sure it’s not too distracting, like with big logo or cartoon or something. Nothing that will date the photo quickly. Viewers’ eyes are drawn to the lightest parts and bold patterns in photos, you don’t want the pattern stealing attention from the real subject – you two.

    Can’t really see the strawberry dress properly in the small photo, but seems nice.

    Most importantly, enjoy it, the shoot should be fun and lets you and your photographer get to know each other better and maybe try a few things out. Looking forward to seeing results (assuming the photographer lets you post any here). 🙂

    The quirky wedding photographer in Manchester

    • Ray – good news! He will let me post them. I will be sharing them when they are available. Thanks Aande! Sarah, be sure to share yours too. Erin, I agree now that I think of it – shiny = bad.

  4. Strawberry.
    Shiny isn’t a good idea for photos.

  5. janer

    I def. vote for the strawberry dress. Way cute! And I’m with Sarah — it’s casual enough. Love the idea of the shoes, too.

    Good advice from Ray the photog — let Mr F. choose his shirt to complement your dress.

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