I’m off to  Chicago, but yesterday we squeezed in a wedding meeting with our awesome caterer – Blue Pot.

Mark is putting together a fantastic menu to fit our movie theater theme. The main item being hot dogs!  I love how creative he was with this:

All Beef Hot Dogs 

Sesame Buns, assorted Gourmet Toppings 

House made ketchup, grainy mustard, pickle relish, roasted red pepper pesto, banana peppers, celery salt, chopped onions and herbs

The dogs will be served in clear plastic movie-theatre style containers.

I was telling Mark about my awesome blog readers who always have great opinions. So in honor of the Windy City which, like my wedding, is also famous for hot dogs, please tell Mark what you like to put on your dog by leaving a comment here. On Sunday when I get back, I will pick one hot diggity dog reader who will get something special from Blogher!

If you are on twitter, you can get extra points by RT (@sam92077) this post  along with your favorite hot dog fixings!




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7 responses to “Dog-gone!

  1. Nicole K

    After having been to Portillo’s, I am ruined for hot dogs, they just don’t taste the same anywhere else.

    I like the usual Ketchup, Mustard and a big slice of pickle. Maybe some banana peppers or jalapenos.

  2. That is such a fun wedding idea. I love it! I actually usually eat my dogs absolutely plain, but if I do top them I like cheese (that cheap nacho cheese fake stuff), chili and onions.

  3. I LOVE my dogs with sauerkraut. 🙂

  4. CHILI! (with chopped onions and cheese)

  5. Jay

    Mustard, catsup, sweet relish, finely chopped
    white onions on a (very important), buttered
    and toasted bun!

  6. the other Erin

    a mild wasabi mustard and homemade sweet pickle relish…OR, cheese and ketchup!

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