Like the corner of my mind

I spent the afternoon in Atchison, KS for another shower event for Molly. Because of Blogher this week, and certain other expenses that popped up, I wanted to come up with a meaningful, yet cheap shower gift. I purchased a $13 baking pan from Target and wrote out the recipe for the Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas on a note card. On the other side I created a coupon good for a night where I come over with a bottle of wine and make the enchiladas for her and her fiance in the pan. I figured we’d get to spend some quality time together and I could show her how to make them.  It’s the gift that gives twice.

She seemed excited to set a date for enchilada night. I can’t wait.

We also got to write down our favorite Molly memories and they were shared with all so that Molly could guess who shared each memory. Mine was: back when we worked together, our cubes shared a wall. Sometimes I would send Molly an e-mail that would make her laugh and I could hear it from my cube. Well then I’d get the giggles and our giggles would escalate until one of us excused ourselves to the restroom to control the giggles.

I loved hearing her family and friends share memories about her. Many laughs were had by all.At one point, Molly had to use my cookie napkin to wipe the tears off her face from laughing so hard. Now that’s a sign of a great shower.

Last night I found a few awesome wedding blogs I wanted to share with you. These are two very creative ladies who planned quirky budget-friendly weddings of their own.

Visit the Broke Ass Bride Blog for many laughs. Oh and don’t miss her emphamis “Fresh Hubby of L.A.” video.

If you really want to put a wedding in perspective, check out a stellar execution of a $2,000 wedding . I applaud this couple and their priorities.


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4 responses to “Like the corner of my mind

  1. janer

    Using this space to offer more suggestions re. the movie theme …

    How could I forget Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday? And Molly Ringwald and whoever that guy was in Sixteen Candles? (There’s a suspicious resemblance between you and Molly Ringwald, hehe)

    Regarding low-budget centerpieces:
    In addition to the framed picture/photo, you could have an item that’s emblematic/representative of the movie.

    E.g., for Chocolat you could have a toy houseboat filled with yummy, handmade chocolates (I’ll help with this!). For Sixteen Candles, you could drape over one corner of the photo frame a pair of knickers like the one the short dude holds up in the locker room (white w/ red hearts?). For Bull Durham, you could have a baseball girthed with a garter belt (the rose goes in the front). …

  2. You do know about Offbeat Bride, right??
    Check it out!!

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