I own 1/3 of a wedding dress now

Hopefully I will own 100% of the dress by February, or that could make for an awkward wedding…

After work, co-workers, DD Girl and myself paraded into my new favorite bridal store to visit the dress. The consensus was it was perfect (which I knew, but you know, it’s always nice to get an outsider’s opinions or three.) The staff there is so friendly and the vibe is totally not stuffy — if you live in Kansas City and you are looking for a wedding gown, they can order you one from any of the designers they carry.  But if I were you, I’d check out their 50% off rack because it’s awesome! (I totally sung that last word.)

I made my down payment to put it on lay-away and tada, 1/3 of it is now mine. Cosmos and martinis were had by all – except DD Girl who had to run off to a concert.

 She’s like the best team captain ever for coming all the way out to see it and then helping me out of it – it’s like a freaking death trap to get out of that dress. Love me some Maggie Sottero signature lace-up back, but once it’s on, it’s on. Fiance will not be pleased…

Unfortunately for Davids Bridal, this means they do not get a chance at selling me a dress. I guess first impressions really matter. So I will be calling to cancel my appointment on Sunday.

You know, I really thought Davids Bridal would be the cheapest place to buy a dress. But I was so wrong. So the lesson learned is that you can find unexpected deals by visiting local bridal stores and checking out their clearance rack. I think my dress was designed in 2006, but do I really care? It is perfect – vintage inspired, unique (to 2010 at least) and quirky. Plus it looks great on me and I think the fiance will feel the same when he see’s it.  Which is good too, because he may never get it off of me.



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8 responses to “I own 1/3 of a wedding dress now

  1. jlmelch

    remember that scene at the beginning of Pirates? it just takes a knife to undo a corset.

    request: photos of the Bling on your finger.

  2. What is the name of your dress? The link doesn’t work.

  3. Katrina

    So, yeah, I still feel like a jerk for not being there. You sound so happy when you’re describing the dress I know that you found the perfect one!

  4. Katrina – you are not a jerk. No worries. I can’t wait to show you pictures.

  5. megan w

    mine’s a maggie sottero corset back! so exciting you found it! i’m glad you didn’t go with david’s bridal, i was going to tell you not to that day at the pool but you seemed so excited.. 🙂

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