I think I found my dress at lunch – a fact that sounds even weirder when I tell you I had Taco Bell

I never eat Taco Bell. But it sounded good today. And after the success that took place during my lunch hour today, I may be back again soon.  Then again, I might not be able to fit into this dress I’m about to tell you about if I do that, so maybe not.

Here is how my morning led to the fate of finding this dress:

1. Signed into computer at work this morning and had an issue that needed an IT support. While that  activity was occupying my computer, I thumbed through my copy of the Kansas City Perfect Wedding Guide. I noticed an ad for a store right near my office. I couldn’t believe it because I had never seen this store before.

2. I asked a co-worker if she had heard of the store. She had and said the people were nice and that you don’t need an appointment. (Wow, that’s a novelty!) Later I found out, you don’t need an appointment during weekdays, but you do on Saturdays.

3. My computer was fixed, so I stopped talking about wedding dresses and got to work.

4. At lunch, I drove over to the store. I was in no real mood to try on dresses. I just thought I’d find out if they even had anything under $400.  The very nice lady showed me to a rack of half-off dresses. (I like a salesperson who listens to her customer and doesn’t try to up-sell!) She put no pressure on me, did not try to show me things I wasn’t interested in and did not push me to try on anything. Loved it!

5. Suddenly, I found myself in a dressing room with three dresses to try on. It felt odd. No friends to support me. No fanfare. Just me and the sales lady hanging out at 11:30 on a Thursday morning.

6. It was the first dress I tried on. For the record, it’s the first dress I’ve tried on since, well…let’s not talk about that. I did try on about five other dresses, but this was the one. I knew it was.

7. It is only $220. I know, right?! Crazy. I kept staring at it.  It’s everything I wanted but I didn’t know I wanted in this dress – lace bodice, satin pick up skirt, vintage feel…I didn’t want to leave it, but you know, I had work and all. So I put it on 24 hour hold (maximum hold time.) and promised the lady I’d be back after work.

8. I texted bridal team captain (DD Girl). “Requesting emergency meeting!” Even though she has a concert at 7 tonight, she’s rushing down to meet me in between work and concert along with two co-workers and possibly two team quirky members who currently live in Kansas City to go see it on me tonight.

Do you want to see it? Of course you do. Here it is!

9. Oh, and then I went through the drive thru at Taco Bell.



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3 responses to “I think I found my dress at lunch – a fact that sounds even weirder when I tell you I had Taco Bell

  1. Justin

    Exciting. Now, as a good marketing communications professional, please be sure to let the shopkeeper know that you learned about the store through an ad, and the publication in which you saw said ad.

    • Ha! Oh, the wedding industry is so on top of that one, Justin! They had me fill out a form where I checked where I heard about them in order to hold the dress. I checked the little box for the wedding guide. ha. But yes, that is good marketing karma right there to tell them where you heard about them.

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