My blog is sad

Queen of Quirky, that is. You people are insatiable when it comes to wedding stuff.  My poor blog looks at the numbers for Quirky Wedding and weeps. Why doesn’t anyone read me, she asks me.

I really don’t have an answer. I just keep writing. And you just keep gobbling up the wedding stuff.

Ok, so ready for an update?

It’s been a while, I know. So, in a comment, Amy told me that I was too creative to have “Love Story” be the headline of the ticket invite. She’s probably right, but I couldn’t get my head around another title.

I even did one of those brainstorming exercises where you write down words that come to mind and then try to piece together something from that. Nada.

FINALLY a stroke of genius accidentally whacked me on the head.

The fiance’s ring tone for me is “A Kiss to Build a Dream On.” And we had discussed the song as our first dance. I have always loved the song myself.

So the the ticket invite will now read: “A Kiss to Build a Life On.”

Love it? Hate it?* Share!

*Doesn’t matter, I’m still going with it.


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2 responses to “My blog is sad

  1. Amy

    Yay! I love it:) I knew it would come to you:-P

  2. LOVE IT! That is so sweet!

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