Fiance’s mom wants the “Meet the Fockers” Table

Several of you have suggested the themed movie center pieces for each table at our reception and thank you! (Erin, Katie and others….) I love your ideas and the fact that you are getting into this theme. (Validates my insanity, no?)

The movie theme tables was exactly what we had in mind for center pieces.  Last week when I took the Fiance’s mom to visit our reception venue , we started talking about how to execute said idea. I think our best bet is to buy cheap plastic frames and print off pictures from each movie to insert into the frames.

Then, we could “fancy it up” with voltive candles and some old movie reel to decorate around the items. I don’t want to spend too much money, but if you have any other DIY movie-themed center piece ideas, please share in comments.

Now for the list of movies – since we aren’t doing a formal sit-down meal, there won’t be a “seat” for every person. I want to do a mix of 10-person rounds and high boys to maximize space and keep people up and mingling (dancing!). The high boys will probably not have a movie theme, and we’re looking at 16 (ish) 10-person rounds.

Here’s where you come in – let me know which romantic movies you’d like to see at a movie theatre wedding reception.

Just so you know, Meet the Fockers is taken. The Fiance’s mom wants that table for his fam.



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8 responses to “Fiance’s mom wants the “Meet the Fockers” Table

  1. I vote for king size theatre candy as part of the centerpieces.

    • Perhaps – and great idea. We are having a candy “bar” set up with big clear bowls of hard candy (Mike & Ikes, Milk Duds, Jr. Mints etc…) that people can scoop into bags to take, but you can’t have too much candy!

  2. Amy

    Serendipity and Love Actually are two of our favorite romantic comedies:) Ooh, and Hitch is another cute one. (That’s what we saw the night Steve proposed).

  3. My friend Jenny

    You’ve got to have a “Bridget Jones’s Diary” table!

    My favorite love story movie is “Love Actually.”
    Others are, “Sex in the City,” (the movie), “Pretty in Pink,” “You’ve Got Mail,” “Sound of Music,” and “Titantic.”

    I thought about “Gone with the Wind” and “Love Story,” from 1970, but those are SAD love stories and you should stick with the happy ones for a wedding reception.

  4. Katrina

    -When Harry Met Sally
    -Moulin Rouge
    -50 First Dates
    -There’s Something About Mary
    -P.S. I Love You
    -The Wedding Singer
    -40 Year Old Virgin
    -City Of Angels
    I hope these help!

  5. janer

    Bull Durham!

    I also vote for Chocolat and Moulin Rouge

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