A ticket to vote

You guys want to have a little fun? It’s time to play “vote for your favorite ticket style invite.”

Thanks to my new favorite invitation Etsy creator, Cottontail Digital Press, who created these three fabulous choices for our movie-theatre themed wedding invite!

So, here’s how you play. 1. Look at the invites.  2. Tell me which one you like the best in the comments and why. 3. Tell me: do you like the concept of calling it “Love Story?” or should I be more creative? I want it to be very clear that it is a wedding invite and not some weird movie night with Adam & Stephanie….

Just a few notes – the date and church are not correct, so those of you expecting to see one of these in your hot little hands come January, don’t put this date in your Outlook calendar. For the meal response, as you loyal readers know, there won’t be an option to pick an entre, so that will not be there. Also, I have scrubbed our last names to protect the guilty innocent. So please don’t think my friend at Cottontail Press created invites with horrid white blobs after our first names.

Ready? Go!

1. Vote 1

2. vote2

3. vote3



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12 responses to “A ticket to vote

  1. Susanne

    I think option one looks more traditional and will get less confused by older invitees as a movie ticket or novelty. I think Love Story is cute, and anything too obscure would once again confuse the older set.

  2. Janae

    I really like #1.

  3. Tyson

    I like option #1 as it is the classiest looking selection that also works well within the theme. “Love Story” made me throw up in my mouth, but will work if you can’t come up with a more creative idea; maybe “Love Story…From the files of Police Squad”

  4. Melissa

    I like number 2. I think as long as your/Adam’s name is on the envelope (and you’re not mailing it to a stranger) the recipient will be anticipating a wedding invitation and will carefully read the entire thing.

  5. Tyson,

    Maybe we’ll have to come up with an extra special one to send you. 😉 We don’t want any vomit inducing invites. (We’ll just make sure that part happens after the reception….)

  6. Amy

    I like #1 the best, too. But the name “Love Story?” You are way more creative than that. Think about how you guys met, your relationship, etc. Name it like it was a real movie, and the wedding is the happy ending. Call me if you want more advice.

  7. Connie

    I like #1–agree with susanne’s earlier comments.
    I Love the “Love Story”–however it is more for my age group. Do those of you born in the 70’s and after know the movie?…Well I guess everyone does–however only my age group LOVES the movie. We all have sweet memories centered around this movie–and of course that is where we learned “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”–Oh back to the subject at hand…go with #1–but you might want to think about changing the movie name??…
    How about “The Story of Us?”…(Michelle Pfeiffer movie from late 90’s) or make up your own movie title…”The Beginning of Us.”
    Sounds like a fun theme to me.

  8. I’d like to confuse things by showing you these as well:

  9. My friend Jenny

    I like option number 3.

    I like Love Story as your movie “title”, but have you seen that movie…it doesn’t end well.

    What about: I’m drawing a blank…I’ll think some more about it.

  10. janer

    I like #2.

    I’m a non-conformist 😉 Serially, though, its understatedness appeals to me. Plus it’s like a real ticket stub, the kind that come in rolls, the kind that are cheap to print and buy — fancy and shiny and full-colour doesn’t say budget …

    You’re having a budget wedding — why not embrace that as a theme too? 🙂

  11. Paula DeLong

    I like #2!!!!!

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