Something(s) blue

Two awesome potential vendors aren’t having me singing the wedding planning blues!  I met yesterday with an amazing photographer who totally gets our nerd/geekiness. BlueRue is a studio in the Crossroads and Aaron is a down-to-earth guy with a keen eye for those one-off shots that make your wedding photos memorable. (Check out pics from the Vegas wedding he shot.)

He’s quirky and talented and fits my budget, so he is certainly rising to the top of the list. Oh, also, he didn’t give me that song and dance about your photos being an investment. He gets that our main priority is eachother and we just want the photos to be well-done and fully capture the day.

And I still haven’t thrown all catering out the window. This week, I got the movie theater inspired menu from Blue Pot.  It was perfect! Here is a sample of what he could do with the hot dogs:

All Beef Hot Dogs
Sesame Buns, assorted Gourmet Toppings
House made ketchup, grainy mustard, pickle relish, roasted red pepper pesto, banana peppers, celery salt, chopped onions and herbs

 Here’s my idea – Blue Pot brings in the nacho bar, hot dog bar and pretzels (assorted mustards – oh my! ) and we provide the veggies and mini sammies.  (The Mission Theatre is throwing in the popcorn!) We have them drop their food/serving supplies off and we save staffing costs. But at the same time, we don’t have to rent warmers and worry about finding plateware and other serving/eating accessories. I still think it’s a cost savings…

Has anyone ever partially catered or fully catered their own wedding? Speak up, yo!

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