Investing in him, not pictures

When planning a wedding on a budget, you quickly learn to be leery of vendors who put their prices in a link named “investment.”  I’ve found this to be particularly true with photographers.

Now don’t get me wrong. It is true that your pictures are the longest lasting component of your wedding day.  No matter what your budget, you want to designate a significant percentage to your photographer.  But the total of that amount isn’t as impressive for those of us on a smaller budget.

But I am convinced for less than $1,200 I can get a photographer who can take the creative, artsy photos I am looking for. I mean, after all, we are having this wedding in February for the sole purpose of getting some great deals. (I’ll be reminding myself of this again and again when I’m standing outside somewhere with chattering teeth in a strapless wedding gown smiling for “my investment”)

I completely get the sales pitch that your pictures last forever. But here’s the deal: Last time I spent a lot of money on pictures. I found THE best photographer in North Carolina – even paid for her to travel to the location of the wedding. And let me tell you, I have a box of beautiful, quality photos from that day.

But no husband.

So this time, when someone tries to tell me that my pictures will be an investment, I think I’m going to let them know I’m investing in a partner, not photos.



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4 responses to “Investing in him, not pictures

  1. Susanne

    Well said.

  2. A bride once described my photo ideas as “quirky”… a compliment… I think, and the reason why I found your blog :).

    Anyway, interesting that you used $1200 as the cut off point, not $1000 not $1500. I was wondering what might be your main priority for photos? It’s fascinating how everyone’s wants are so different.

    Best wishes and hope your wedding goes well.

    • Hi Ray,
      I’m so flattered you took time to read some of my blog and I hope you’ll come back often. We’d love to hear about the newest quirky trends coming out of the UK!

      Anyhow, my top top top budget was 1,200 because of how it fit in with all the other expenses we had. It’s really more of a reflection of the percentage of the overall budget of less than $9,000 that we wanted to spend.

      • I see, that’s a sensible percentage of your budget to allocate. Hope you get what you want from the photographer. Can’t see why not either, so long you work with him/her like you worked with the caterer to work out your menu… of course, how that menu is cooked would be down to their artistic / professional / quirky interpretations 🙂 Good luck.

        Best wishes

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