Road Trip!

The other night the fiance posed a quirky idea for a honeymoon. He suggested we get in the car and do a cross-country road trip and visit the people we love in different areas.

The more I think about it, the more I love with this idea because I have lived a lot of places, and we do have friends everywhere. BUT (big but) some of our friends will have just come to visit us. (some even IN the wedding.) Should we care? Is it rude?

“Thanks for coming to/being in our wedding, we’ll be at your house next Tuesday. Drinks and dinner? Oh, and Mr. Quirky is allergic to your cats.”

 On that note, however, this idea would lend itself well for a fun gift idea from friends. They could just have us over! I also love the idea because we could get some sort of “thing” and have people we meet along the way/stay with sign it. Then we could frame it/hang it in our new home.

So, there I was, thinking we were all original with our road trip honeymoon idea until I found this – a site devoted to one couple’s cross-country pre-wedding tour. Toppers. 🙂 (Love it!)


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4 responses to “Road Trip!

  1. Melissa

    My parents did that, they drove to California one way and came back a different way (they were at Disneyland the ONE day it was closed, hello Nat’l Lampoon).
    My sister leaves for her roadtrip honeymoon on Sunday. They’re hitting a bunch of national parks and camping.

  2. Thanks for the mention. We’re having a great time on our roadtrip- almost like a pre-marital counseling session for 45 days straight! Good luck with your planning… whatever you choose will be great, I am sure.

  3. janer

    I would LOVE it if you visited me as part of your honeymoon. It’ll be spring in Sonoma County …

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