Guest list woes

 Last night I asked my mom if she could provide a guest list of any family friends she would like to invite to the wedding. I already have a very short list of those people in my head, but I assumed there would be people she would want to invite in addition to that list.

Her response: “Not to offend you, but quite frankly, I’m a little hesitant to ask our friends…” (She trailed off because she was breaking up due to a bad signal. It was ok. I had heard enough.)

Well, later I got to thinking about it. Offense kind of taken.

Is it that much of a shame to have me walk down the aisle a second time? Is this about presents? Because I really don’t care about those. I’m talking about warm bodies in seats, smiling, enjoying a beautiful day and celebrating with us in our love and future.

So what do you think? Is it tacky to invite people who may have also been invited to my first wedding? Other second time brides, I’d love to hear your views.



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4 responses to “Guest list woes

  1. OMG, I literally read that with my jaw dropped wide open. That is totally shitty and I think you need to have a serious talk with Mom.

  2. Melissa

    Wow, ummm, to me a wedding is a celebration and a party. It’s about having fun, dancing, talking to people you only see at major events, eating free food and drinking too much. And wishing the bride and groom a happy future of course.
    Divorce and remarriage don’t have anywhere near the social stigma they used to have. And I wonder if Mom isn’t giving her friends enough credit (or is projecting her feelings onto them).
    Congratulations btw since I still haven’t officially said it.

  3. That’s crap! But seriously, if she doesn’t want to invite her friends you can spend more money feeding and “hydrating” everyone else!

    We had a super-fun, fairly inexpensive wedding. Give me a shout if you want deets!

  4. My friend Jenny

    Steph, I think your mom didn’t fully think that comment through when she said it. Did you tell her that hurt your feelings? you should.

    Also, this is a totally different type of wedding. If your parents friends aren’t YOUR friends too, don’t invite them. You’ve got quite a cast of characters in your own life now and don’t need to fill up seats at your wedding with your parents’ friends….

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