Quirky thoughts on engagement

I shared these in their entirety over on the Mothership, but I have been loving these ideas for the big question, “When are you getting married and where?”

These are my favorite so far, but I might come up with more.

“We are planning a full-on wedding at next year’s Comicon conference. I’ll be married in the Wonder Woman costume.”

“We are having our reception at Pinks in L.A. sometime next year. Hot dogs for all!”

“We thought that we’d just have it at next year’s Lunch Bunch Fry Fest. In lieu of gifts, please bring something to fry.”

“We’ll be getting married at the American Royal Barbecue. Would you prefer smoked pork or beef?”

What would be your favorite snarky answers?

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One response to “Quirky thoughts on engagement

  1. janer

    dude, I would LOVE it if you got married in the Wonder Woman costume!

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