Now we are cooking

The fiance and I started talking about this wedding of ours last night. Oy vey.

Here’s the goal – less thank $10K for 250 -300 people. I think it’s doable, but our first plan of action is we need a venue that will allow us to bring in our own caterer. Then we need the caterer. We are talking heavy hors d’oeuvres.

What I’d really like to find is some undeveloped loft space in KC that someone really wants to pimp out by having 250 -300 people visiting it. We are open to Friday and Sunday weddings and the winter is also a possibility.

So this week we are going to tackle the ever fun guest list to get a better idea of what our count really might be.

Our problem is we just like people so darned much. 🙂 We like to party. Yes we like to party.

Coming soon: I announce the wedding party. (But we have to tell them first. Also, there’s one member of my team who doesn’t even know I’m engaged. tee hee.)

Question of the day: for wedding hors d’oeuvres, what do you like to eat?



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3 responses to “Now we are cooking

  1. Kevin

    I will bartend for you for free if you would like.

  2. Go to Boulevard – for 7k you get beer, (wine might be limited quantities), bartenders, tables and other set ups, and can bring in a caterer. There’s also parking – an issue downtown sometimes. Plus I’ve heard the space is pretty amazing.

  3. Thanks, Erin! It’s on the list. 🙂 I’ve done a corporate event there and it is very cool space.

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