By request, the ring & introductions

So you found my quirky wedding blog. Well done. Maybe you know me from my blog – Or, maybe you are just a bride planning a quirky wedding.

Regardless, I hope you’ll enjoy this site where I will talk about, rant about and yammer on about my wedding, my awesome Mr. Quirky to-be and probably my dog, because I do that.  I hope you will join in the conversation and leave comments – oh how I love comments!

Also, I’ll probably talk a little about being a second-time bride. Because based on my experiences during the first 72 hours of being engaged, I can tell it’s way different the second time around.

Upon telling my parents, a question that was asked was “will you wear a wedding dress?”

YES. I will wear a wedding dress of some sort. Because I’m getting married. I’m having a wedding. An honest to goodness wedding, and even though it’s my second time, I feel like I deserve it. I don’t have to justify it by telling you it’s “his first.” (which it is, and hopefully his last. 🙂 ) Nor do I have to feel ashamed because I’m going to invite lots of people and have a big party to celebrate our lives together.

So I found the most awesome wedding site evah today. Take a peek.

And after that, you can look at my ring which I lurve…




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7 responses to “By request, the ring & introductions

  1. Nicole

    Gorgeous ring, my dear!

  2. Holy balls that is huge! You need to take more (ahem, in focus) pics ASAP! I love it.

  3. Sorry, Erin. I know. I need to have someone else do it b/c I #fail.

  4. aande

    YOWZA! Did Mr. Quirky pick that out all by himself? Impressive!

  5. Ern

    love it. you deserve a big wedding and party for sure!!! So happy for ya’ll.

  6. Thanks, Ern! I hope you and K will be able to come. Aande – yes! He did. It is so pretty and sparkly.

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